The next day, a few of the group went to the Millennium Elephant Foundation and a few stayed at the villa. After a great 10 hrs of sleep, I woke up showered and ate breakie before starting to revise for my A-Levels. For most of the morning we did some work and after lunch my cousin and I, decided to relax and take a swim in the pool. We played volleyball and the classic ‘piggy in the middle’ game before going to shower and waited for the rest of the group too arrive back from their trip to have dinner all together.

The next morning, we woke up at 9am and all we did was chill for the day. We went to a small supermarket before the owner of the villa took us to a shop which sells clothes for cheaper than they are in the UK. Of course we had to go then! It was then lunch time by the time we arrived back from shopping. For the rest of the afternoon, we chilled out and had naps along with some of us going into the pool.

On the last day, we had breakfast and chilled. Most of us finished packing and before we knew it, it was dinner time. Our last dinner in Sri Lanka was pasta and chips! Our chef and all of us became slightly emotional as we had built a good connection with him. Straight after dinner, everyone freshened up and got ready to leave. We said our goodbyes to the staff in the villa and left for the airport.

Of course we arrived so early to the airport #TypicalIndians. We waited for out check in desk to open and in the mean time it had turned midnight which meant it was the New Years. We happily screamed ‘Happy New Year’ to each other and got stares from everyone else! Maybe because we were too loud! Sadly, our flight was extremely delayed so we had to wait around. Finally managed to get on the plane and flew to Kuwait. From Kuwait we had a few hours stopover before finally arriving back home to London, Heathrow! Everyone headed home in a minibus ending the lovely 17 days of holiday!

Sri Lanka and India, till next time! 🙂 x