After a busy day of travelling to Galle the previous day, we chose today to be a relaxing day at the pool. Spending most of the day playing pool games, working and eating. Before we knew it, it was dinner time where out chef made a special Sri Lankan dish. We called it an early night since we had to wake up at 4am! Some how we managed that :\

4AM WAKE UP! ALL 12 OF US MANAGED IT! Only to find out the bus driver was late. It was still worth waking up early since we got to see a beautiful sunrise. 1.5 hrs late the bus driver finally arrived to pick us up. We packed the bus up and headed straight to Pidurangala.

It just wasn’t a good day for us to travel! 2 minutes into our toilet stop, our bus tyre punctured! Contemplating whether we should still go, we got the tyre changed as fast as we could before leaving again. We safely managed to reach¬†Pidurangala. Bought the tickets and left to start the climb. I really should have done PE when I was at school. Really needed it for the climb, since after 10 minutes of walking I was sooo tired!

After about 30 minutes of walking and climbing we reached the top and let me tell you the view is incredible. It was worth climbing all the way to see something I had never seen before! This was for sure my highlight of Sri Lanka and definitely worth the trip even after all the hiccups in the morning! We of course took plenty of photos and admired the stunning view. We all appreciated the view, and thankful to have got to see it. Spending around 30 minutes at the top, we climbed back down. Everyone was hungry, but luckily we the mums had made packed lunch for us. After a quick lunch and coconut water break, we drove back to Colombo. Arriving in the evening we all ate dinner, showered and headed to bed after a long but unforgettable day.