Only three more days left and it had been a long 11 day road trip. Today was the last day of the road trip before we headed back to San Jose to the family living there. But before we headed to San Jose, we made a quick stop to San Francisco for shopping! Shopping is a must when going abroad! We went to Abercrombie & Fitch and bought my first hoodie of the brand. We then went to Michael Kors and the mums bought bags from there. After, we just did some window shopping until we got to a Converse store and this was were I bought my first pair! After a long day of shopping till we dropped, we drove to San Jose and we got a wonderful welcome back from the family we were staying with and sadly here the road trip had come to an end. We settled back into the home and had an Indian meal which everyone was craving since the last time we had had Indian food was in Las Vegas.

The next day was 15th August 2015 and it was my dad’s birthday so to celebrate the birthday, we once again went shopping to Great Mall. We bought a lot of clothes and the girls even decided to get matching purple polo tops so that we had a souvenir from the memorable trip! For lunch, the mall had Chipotle and sadly once again this was the last Chipotle of the holiday! Shopping carried on till around 4 and then we returned back home. The family we were staying with had organised a BBQ for dinner for us as it was our last night in America and let me tell you none of us really wanted to go back home! We had an incredible 16 days in this holiday and made some amazing memories that all of us will cherish forever! The last night ended with watching TV, learning American card games and having yummy vegan cake to celebrate my dads and sisters birthday! The final night had sadly reached and everyone went to sleep ready for a long 11 hour journey back home to the UK.

The next morning before we left for the airport, we went to have breakfast at a friends house and ice cream at another friends house. We said our goodbyes and thank you’s for hosting us for the meals. We came back home to the family we were staying with to do the final packing and once we were done, we said our sincere thank you’s and goodbye’s to the family who were extremely kind enough to let us stay with them at the beginning and at the end of our road trip. We left for the airport but as usual, we some how ended up being 5 hours early and so the children had “airport syndrome” where they suddenly got hungry as soon as they reached the airport but were not hungry when asked back home if they would like to eat before they go! So since the kids had become hungry we ordered pizza and chips at the airport while the mums went duty free shopping. Before we knew it, it was time to board the plane and say goodbye to America! The 11 hour journey ended at 4:15 the next morning but the journey was comfortable as the flight was not full with spare seats so we slept throughout the journey on the seats nearby us! The jet lag finally hit us later on that day we landed and everyone finally snuggled into there own beds after not being in them for 16 days and everyone caught up on there sleep! Oh what fun this road trip had been! A lot of memories were made to cherish forever!

America Road Trip 2015 had been one unbelievable and incredible trip! The planning had started in February 2015 where we decided we should go on a road trip. Where? We didn’t know! But after searching and searching and spending a whole 2 weekends and a whole lot more planning and booking of inns and hotels, we had finally come to the conclusion we were willing to travel 4 different states in 16 days with 12 amazing people to America. This holiday will be cherished forever, it was wonderful and very memorable! It had been a wonderful experience driving around 4 different states and seeing amazing wonders of nature around the states. We got to experience different cultures and to see life in West of North America all in a short spam of time. Who knew you could see so much in just 16 days!

Hope you loved reading the six parts of Road Tripping in America 2015!