On August 9th 2015 we woke up with an early start at 6am to get to Grand Canyon by early noon.

 Just outside the inn was San Juan River and so we walked down to the water for an early morning stroll. SHorlty after, we packed ready to leave for the next amazing and most awaited desitination ‘The grand Canyon’.

The journey took us from Utah to Arizona and was around 2.45 hrs drive. On reaching the park, we stopped by the massive sign “Grand Canyon National Park”. After a few snaps here,we drove close to the view point and the first site of the grand canyon in the bright day was a view I can not express in words. Its the most amazing natural formation. Every angle you look, it was just awesome with the canyons majestic beauty. Its

 We parked the van at the car park and walked towards the edge of canyon. The view from here was most amazing. Just within the park is a viewing tower so we walked up the narrow stairs to the top where you can see different views of the canyon from small windows. The view was incredible of the beautiful formation of the canyon.   Once we got to the top, we took few more photos (what’s new!) and headed back down to outside of the tower where we took even more photos where you could see the colourful landscapes. We were able to see every detail of the red, orange and purple colour of earths layers.

We then got attracted – and by we I mean myself and my two cousins – to Junior Rangers where we participate in some activities that help us receive more information about preserving and protecting the park before making a pledge and getting a badge for completing it. Bearing in mind this is for young kids, we still enjoyed having fun and learning about the park a little more.

The Canyon has its on weather conditions and can change rapidly. We saw this happen within few minutes of the bright day light change to thunderstorm. We could see the dark cloud formation over the horizon and within few minutes, it poured down heavy.

It was lunch time and we had no choice but to run over to the van in the rain to get the lunch box.   We ate under a shelter just at the front of the entrance where just like us many other people gathered and waited till the furious weather had calmed down. The weather lasted for a good half an hour and so in that time we ate and waited till the weather had calmed. It was incredible to see just how fast the weather can change as half an hour before the weather was extremely hot and within split seconds lightening and thunder started to take over.

Little later,  it became sunny again and we got back into the van and drove along the Southern Rim of the Canyon. It started to rain heavily again when we reached the parking of the Southern Rim and so we all waited in the van till the rain was over but as everyone waited and since we had an early start in the morning we all had knocked out and had a 20-30 minute nap in the van. Once everyone had napped and got all their energy back, we got to literally live on the edge and got some amazing snaps of us jumping and standing on the edge of the cliff and let me tell you it was one of the most terrifying things I have done but it was all worth it. The landscape we saw while looking down to an beautiful formation was a mix of lovely colours of purple, orange, red and some green. You can see the compression of million year old rocks that have been formed and the layers of all types of rocks which all vary in age. The oldest layer is  dated between 825 million to 1 billion years old with the oldest fossils, stromatolites, found in the Canyon. The top layer is the youngest layer of the Grand Canyon, which is 250 to 255 millions years old. There are marine fossils found there.

 From here, once everyone had lived on the edge, we walked to the Canyon viewpoint but unfortunately or some would say fortunately here we couldn’t stand on the edge as there were barriers placed as the drop of the cliff was to dangerous for anyone to stand their without any barriers being placed. We once again took a photo including our “squad” photo before going back to the van and ending the Grand Canyon National Park tour. For the night we stayed at Red Feather Lodge. For dinner we drove for 3 minutes to a restaurant called ‘We cook Pizza and Pasta’ and we ate the obvious pizza, pasta and chips.

The next morning we had breakfast in the rooms in the lodge and then loaded the van with all the suitcases and headed towards Havasu, Arizona.

As the journey was around 3 hours and 30 minutes, we had to take a lunch break in a deserted area where the signs said watch out for snakes and scorpions. There was  nothing to see around except for cars passing by on the highway. Once lunch was done everyone packed back into the van getting comfortable for the continued journey to the inn.

We arrived to the inn called Hampton Inn Lake Havasu City and checked in. Thereafter, once everyone had their allocated rooms and their luggage had reached their rooms, everyone met in the lobby where we spent about an hour waiting and trying to book activities for the later afternoon and evening.

A few hours later, a boat trip was booked for Lake Havasu. We drove to the lake where we waited for the boat to arrive. Since the wait was long, we got to a small restaurant and had some chips and ice cream (not a great combination) as the climate was hot and unbearable, during the mid afternoon and we all needed something to refresh us. In this way, some time had passed and before we knew it it was time to board the boat. The boat was small with only about 20 people on the boat. It had two floors. The top floor being open air and so we climbed to the top and stayed in the open air. Luckily, the top had a cover so the sun wasn’t directly on us during the whole boat ride. The boat trip was beautiful and the water was an amazing tranquil colour. We saw the original London Bridge ( history says that it was shipped over to Havasu from London). Along the lake, we crossed from one state -Arizona to next state California. It was a beautiful experience and for us there was some time to relax and take in the sun.

Once we reached back into Arizona, everyone had become hungry and so we decided to go straight to our famous fast food place chipotle for dinner. After dinner we drove over the original London Bridge and headed back to the inn from there.

That was a wrap up for the short day! Next day was a drive to the city of entertainment – Los Angeles!