After a few years of planning a road trip to America, the set date of 31st July 2015 finally came and 3 families set off for the most awaited trip. We flew from Heathrow Airport Terminal 4 onwards to the first destination San Francisco International Airport to start a 17 day road trip around four states of the United States of America – California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona!

As we were half way through a 12 hour long flight, we flew over the most picturesque Canadian Rocky Mountains. During the plane journey we had a lot of snacks and watched plenty of movies. The journey was pretty comfortable and enjoyable. Time flew by the long haul journey with the great company of friends we were traveling with!

After a tiring 12 hour journey, we finally arrived at San Fransisco. On landing we picked up our 16 seater van for the road trip. Our stay was planned at a friends house in San Jose. A very warm and kind hearted family who insisted that we must stay with them. We arrived at San Jose to their home and were greeted with a very warm welcome. We stayed with them for 2 days before we headed of for our grand road trip. Whilst in San Jose, the family friends showed us around San Fransisco. It was 1st August 2015 to the start of our first visit to see the Twin Peaks. Past the Twin Peaks the road takes up to a view point located ata higher ground overlooking the whole of SF. You can see an astonishing view of most of San Fran from here! You are able to see Downtown and see famous buildings such as The Ferry Building, The Bay Bridge and also the Market Street. After the Twin Peaks, we drove down to the famous Golden Gate Bridge. What an amazing structure to see in reality. It was a moment to capture and so we clicked several shots of the beautiful view of the bridge before walking along on it. After a short walk along the bridge, we got tired andthought it was best to turn back. The 12 of us then drove to the most windiest road – Lombard Street. Once again we decided it would be lovely to walk down the windy street and so off we went. We got about 3/4 of the way where we took photos and mesmerised at the beauty and watched as cars struggled to go down the street. It got closer to dinner and so for the first time I tried Taco Bell. We called it a day after Taco Bell and drove back to our friends home. We had a lovely night and caught up on sleep after the long journey from London…great rest after a fab day out to San Fran.

On day 3, we woke up bright and early as we were still in London zone. There was a variety of options prepared for breakfast by the family friends. From toast, to Indian food, to even the typical breakfast cereal. Once breakfast was over, everyone got ready to make most of the last day in San Jose. First, we went to the farmers market where there were stalls of all sorts of foods and fresh farm produce. There were freshly picked juicy fruits like strawberries, plums, peaches and nectarines. We tried some of the fresh fruits which were so juicy and so sweet. I have not had anything like that ever before! The market was surrounded by many palm trees and many beautiful pink trees. Following the great experience of the farmers market and having tasted so many different fruits, we set off to our next visit to Silicon Valley – the base of tech giants like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google & Apple’s headquarters. After the trip to the headquarters, refreshments was needed on the hot day and so we went to Yogurtland and tried frozen yogurt for the first time! Right next door to Yogurtland was a Japanese 99c store and we browsed around for some time before heading back home.

Before we knew it Day 3 was over and we were back home ready for the next adventure. We finished dinner and prepared for the early start the next day as our road trip began!

Stay tuned for the next part… hope you enjoyed xx

Let the road tripping begin…