Reykavik to Jokulsarlon… let me tell you about this day! It was the best day of the trip and something I will never forget. We had a late start to the day, left the hotel at 10:30am and headed straight to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall which was around 2 hours away. Arriving at the waterfall, we bought our parking ticket and went straight to the waterfall. We were mesmerised at the beauty. We were able to walk right under the waterfall, but once again I was completely soaked! Along the side of the waterfall, there were 3 other small waterfalls and so we walked to see those as well. I had the opportunity to even touch the freshwater and even washed my hands since they were slightly muddy from climbing down from Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.

30 minutes later, we were driving past another waterfall which wasn’t on my list of places to go see. But my dad insisted on going to check the waterfall out and so we did! Oh boy I was wrong to not put it in the list. Skógafoss waterfall is a 60m waterfall which falls over a rocky cliff. At the waterfall you can literally walk up to it and get completely drenched and that’s what I did! Luckily, I had a 30 minute drive to dry up.

At 3pm we arrived at Reynisfjara Beach which is very famous for its black sand. From here you could see Dyrhólaey. At this beach the landscape is stunning. The stacks called Reynisdrangar looked incredible while the wave on this beach come crashing to the shore. They even had warnings everywhere about how dangerous these waves are! The basalt colours formed by weathering and erosion look as if they have been placed by humans and not due to nature! It was just an incredible site to view. Since, we hadn’t had lunch, we found a restaurant on the beach called the ‘Black Beach Restaurant’ where we met these 2 incredibly hard working staff. They recommended the food which was vegan and we loved it!

A 2hr and 45 minute journey later from Reynisfjara we reached Jokurlsarlon. At first we were tempted to turn back due to how long the journey was. But we carried on since we had come all this way already! I am glad we continued as this was what had made my Iceland trip. Around 8 o’clock we arrived at Jokurlsarlon and what we saw has no words. I had never seen anything like this before, and it was beautiful. The blue fresh glaciers straight from the mountains was floating right in front of us in the lake. We witnessed ice melting and floating. We just didn’t want to leave the place. We spent a good 1hr and 50 minutes taking in the view and stunned by the beauty. 5 minutes down the road is Diamond Beach, another beautiful spot with ice literally fragmented into diamond shapes scattered everywhere.

After getting ourselves to leave, we started our journey of 5 hours back to Reykjavik. After a long but beautiful day which I will never forget we arrived back to the hotel at 4am!