Islington Square, 116N Upper St, London N1 1QP

OmNom is a plant based restaurant and well-being hub for conscious eating and spiritualisation. A place to regain your bodies energy through various cuisines and ayurvedic knowledge. The yoga studio is a place offering physical and emotional well-being. OmNom is a charity where for every meal served at the restaurant or for every yoga session attended, they feed a child a healthy and nutritional meal in the developing world. Not only are you improving your well-being but you are also helping a child who is less fortunate.


Hibiscus Highball & Passion Storm


Vegetable Gyoza, Samosa Chaat, Ayurvedic Flatbread & Jalapeno Pops

Charred Broccoli & Korean BBQ Tofu

Jackfruit Rosti & OmNom Burger

Malay Laksa

Chakra Bowl

Beetroot Halva Wonton

Chocolate Mousse

Yoga Studio