The Bank Holiday weekend was approaching and so as a last minute decision my family thought it would be lovely to head over to Oldham, Manchester for a couple of days to see our family living there.

The journey took about 8 hours and the traffic was insane meaning we arrived at Manchester at around 5pm. We explored their new house and sat for a while catching up with the family as it had been a few years since we had met.

It was a tiring journey and so we had an early dinner thereafter watched a good Bollywood movie! We lazed around for a bit before heading to Village Hotel where we had booked to stay for two nights.

On the Sunday, after breakie we took a stroll to the local park and a short walk along the Rochdale Canal. The canal was built about 200 years back and was the most important and busiest transport system built in the time. It carried almost 670,000 tonnes of cargo annually. System of course became redundant after the invention of motor vehicles and road transport became more cost effective. We passed by an old lock system that was used to raise the canal boats up and down the levels of the canal route.

Since it was a great warm day, we took a short trip towards a place called Greenfields. It’s part of Peak District and has two large reservoirs.

Quite a busy place as it was a warm and bright day but we managed to get parking for two cars. The idea was to take a stroll along the reservoir as few of us could not manage the heat well so wanted to chill under the shadows of the trees. With persuasion from one of the cousins to take a look at the reservoir higher up the hills, which was about 20-30 minutes walk, we ended up strolling along the path and the 30 minutes went by and soon we realised that it was approaching 45 minutes and we had still not reached the top. My cousin lied about the time it would take to get us going otherwise we would have lazed about and not go for the walk.

Almost after an hours walk and now exhausted from the uphill hike, we reached the top reservoir and what an amazing site it was looking down to the green below and the small lake up the hill top.

Quite windy up there but it was a pleasant hike. The walk down was much easier and took about 30 minutes. Once at the bottom, we had decided to treat ourselves to an ice cream. A fantastic reward for the long and tiring hike.

It slowly approached 3 and everyone was famished! There was a new Indian restaurant that had opened by just 10 minutes away from the District and so we hurried in and ordered all the scrumptious food.

Time had gone fast and it was the later afternoon now and my cousins treated us to a newly opened Indian Pub called The Spice Tree for a lunch. What a menu! Stuffed and could barely move.

By 6, we were at home and now it was relaxing time. Everyone showered to get fresh from all the sweat and settled down in the living room ready to have a movie marathon. We watched movie by movie. And had snack on snack! Layers of snack… and if that was not enough, dessert next in line. A newly opened place. Awesome menu. A well designed dessert shop called Sweet Obsessions and had the usual choice of ice creams, waffles, hot cookie dough and ice pan! That was the final finishing layer of food for the day! What a brilliant day filled with walks & food on food.

Bank Holiday Monday arrived. The day mostly consisted of going to my cousins shops at around noon and watching movies AGAIN in the later afternoon!

Sadly, it was time to leave and it was very hard to go as we had incredibly enjoyed the time in sunny Oldham. The journey back was not as long as when we were going to Oldham and with a quick stopover to charge the Tesla, we managed to reach home at around 10 just over 3.5hrs of a journey… not as bad as 8hrs!