Day 2:

Today, we woke up with the most unconvincing view at Panoramic Gateway Hotel. We had a scrumptious breakfast before travelling to the first stop called Mattupetty Dam. The journey to the dam consisted of seeing beautiful views, eating snacks, asking how long left & in need of a toilet! Once we arrived, we walked over a bridge where small stallholders sold us passion fruit and peanuts. We then had a go at shooting balloons with paper. Let’s be honest, we shall not try that again!

We drove ahead for another 15 minutes before reaching¬†Echo Point. Echo Point is well known for the scenery as well as what the name literally says ‘Echo Point.’ Any loud noise was echoed back. We shouted on top of our lungs which was echoed back. It was fascinating trying it out! As it was scorching hot, we decided to have coconut water. It is honestly the best to have when its soooo hot! We cooled down instantly and must have drank around 15 between us all!

Top Station View Point was the next stop! A 30 minute drive through the clouds. Sadly, however it had become cloudy which meant we could not see the view properly. Even though the view was not clear, we still managed to have a great time hiking to the top where we crossed the boarder into Tamil Nadu. Since it was cloudy, we quickly captured a group photo before crossing the boarder again and returning back to the van ready for the last part of the journey.

As we were coming back down from Top Station View Point, we had the opportunity to see 2 elephants in the wild. They were extremely beautiful and were lucky enough to see them! We then continued for an hour and 45 min before finally arriving at the Rose Garden. The garden consisted of all sorts of colourful plants. We strolled around for a while till we managed to see majority of the garden.

After a long but eventful day, we finally arrived at the hotel. Our final night at the hotel meant we ate dinner before packing our suitcases and calling it a day!