Today, we drove for one to Kerid Crater. We arrived at the crater at 1pm and walked around it for 45 minutes taking photos and taking in the view. We were on a tight schedule which I had planned and therefore, headed straight to our next destination. After a 35 minute drive, we arrived at the Geysirs. An incredible and stunning place to see all the nature occurring right in front of your eyes. The steaming water shot right up giving a tall column of water. We spent an hour here before having a quick snack in the car and leaving for the next place. Around 4pm ish we arrived at Gullfoss and let me tell you the view was something else. It looks incredible in real life and photos don’t do justice! We took photos from the top before being brave and walked down to the bottom near the falls. A word of advise. Make sure you are fully waterproof! I was completely soaked but it was amazing to go see. Around 7pm we reached Thingvellir National Park where you can see both the North American and Eurasian plates. We admired the stunning view between the two plates for an hour and half before finally reaching Reykjavik around 9:30pm.

For dinner, we found a vegan restaurant called Glo. The food was AMAZING and very healthy too! However, as we were walking around the town we found a cute little cafe called Joylato. We popped in to have a look and grabbed a lovely warm hot chocolate to end the lovely day. We returned back to the hotel ready for another incredible day in Iceland!