Icelanddd! It was an sudden trip that my dad and I went to. Since I completed my A levels, my parents promised to take me to New York. However, unfortunately that wasn’t working out well. Sooo I popped out a map on my Mac, closed my eyes and picked somewhere to go. As you can guess, I landed on Iceland. Well I was over the moon when I found out that Iceland was where we were going. We booked the tickets the next day, and a month later flew to Iceland! Read more to find out where I explored in Iceland.

We landed and the shuttle bus outside the airport took us to our hotel. Was a slightly complex journey as we had to change buses, however we made it! Checked into the hotel and freshened up before asking the kind hearted staff in the hotel to help us find a rental car. They advised us the best places and so we grabbed a taxi and headed to Reykjavik. Now this is where it got complicated. The taxi dropped us to a car rental only for us to find out that they don’t do rental cars anymore. Greatttt! However, they still guided us and told us about another car rental just down the road. So we headed there. They also didn’t have a rental car for today! It just wasn’t going as planned. So we decided to grab a tai and head to Reykjavik airport where Europcars was. It was out last shot. Getting there was a mission! We spent around 45 minutes trying to find a taxi, only for us to find out we have to call taxis! We then found the nearest taxi stand which was a 10 minute walk from where we where. Oh how glad I was when I saw a taxi. The taxi driver was very kind – actually all Icelandic people are incredibly sweet and lovely. He dropped us to Europcar and after 10 minutes we got our White Volkswagen Polo. As they drive on the right hand side, it took a while for my dad to get used to it but he managed. We reached the hotel where we began to plan the rest of the days we had in Iceland.

For today, we decided to just drive and explore as much as we could. So I decided to guide my dad to Hofn and Skorradalshreppur. We were just going for a drive and didn’t expect to see much however, we were mind boggled as to how beautiful nature is. We could not comprehend how beautiful Iceland was. I was in love with Iceland and we barely had seen it! The benefit of having a rental car meant we could drive wherever we wanted and stop as many times as we wanted! It was the best choice we had made. We got to see many places which cannot be seen by having a guided tour. We drove around Skorradalshreppur and Hofn before driving around Hvalfjörður which was just tranquil and surreal.

As the evening approached, it was becoming a long day since we woke up at 2 in the morning! We drove back to Reykjavik where the hotel staff recommend Eldsmidjan – an Italian restaurant. The pizza was delicious! Since, in the summer sunset doesn’t occur till 11:30pm, we had to make the most of the sunlight and so we walked around the city exploring the night life before coming across Hallgrimskirkja. We also stocked on some water bottles and snacks. Wasn’t a good idea as we got told of by Icelandics on the street who told us that we shouldn’t have bought the water since the tap water is fresh. However, I was adamant and needed a water bottle for the rest of the days.

Look out for the next blog where we travelled around the Golden Circle x