DAY 1: 

We woke up and got ready at around 9 o’clock. For breakfast we had waffles and beans with some tomatoes and mushrooms on the side. As it was not raining heavily, we decided to go to Lincoln town centre which was only around 20 minutes away from Ashlin Farm Barns.

After finding parking, we walked to the Castle and Cathedral which only a 10 minute walk from the parking. We went inside the Cathedral and were mesmerised by the beauty of the Cathedral built during 1072.   We prayed and also lit a candle for the family. We wondered around the shop that was in the Cathedral and bought a souvenir to remember our visit. We walked across to the main street just outside the Cathedral towards  ‘Britain’s Great Street 2012 Winner’ called the Steep Hill. And let me tell you it was very steep! Walking down was easy but walking up took most of my energy away. Never the less, the experience was magical. The hill had small tea rooms, fudge and chocolate parlours, vintage boutiques and flower shops. The first shop we went into was ‘Roly’s Fudge Pantry’. We bought a few flavoured fudges and watched as they were being made freshly. We then proceeded down the hill and entered another shop called ‘Carousel Chocolates’. From here we bought several different types of chocolates like orange truffle and strawberry truffle. There were sooooo many flavours to pick from so we ended up picking lots of them to give it a try. The chocolates tasted splendid and they melted straight in the mouth and craved for more. Once we finished all the chocolate that we bought in 5 minutes, we carried on walking down the most steep bit of the street. We got to the bottom of the hill and turned back up the very steep street. The walk up had me breathing heavily and by the time we reached the top, everyone was tired. However, the street was definitely worth the walk especially those chocolates. Just for those chocolates, walking up and down the Steep Hill is worth it!

After driving for 20 minutes back home, the mums made lunch for us while the girls had a quick photoshoot around the barn as the interior was impeccable and very aesthetic and so some pictures had to be taken. For lunch, we had mushroom or tomato soup and bruschetta. We had a light lunch as everyone was still stuffed from breakfast and thought we would have a proper meal in the evening. The rest of the afternoon, we relaxed and watched movies. Before we knew it, it was already 6 o’clock in the evening and so preparation for dinner had started. The meal was  Indian – Pani Puri and Dahi Vada follow by a lovely Kopparberg. It was a great meal over a long chat and laughter. Thereafter, we carried on watching movies and by 8 o’clock the girls decided we would try making an Easter Egg which was nicely given by Tom. We got the easter egg ready and placed it in the freezer ready for the next morning. For desert, we had vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Once we finished our last movie of the day and finished playing taboo, everyone headed to their own rooms and ended the night there. It had been a lovely trip so far!

Day 2

The next morning at around 9 o’clock again, one by one everyone woke up and got ready. Today, for breakfast there was only cereal, tea and biscuit. By 10:30 everyone was ready sitting on the couch not quiet sure what would happen today. We checked on our Easter Eggs and sadly they didn’t go as planned however we broke all the chocolate out and ate some of it and kept the rest for the evening. We all watched tv and movies till around 1 o’clock before having wraps for lunch. By this time everyone was eager to go outside. We then looked in the hamper that was given to us on the arrival of our stay and saw that there was a nature trail hunt that we could go on. So everyone got ready all wrapped up warm. From the barn, Watts woods was around 15 minutes. The nature trail was in this wood and we had to find chicks from the clues we were given. Let me tell you, always remember to take wellies when going on a holiday near woods and during rainy seasons! The trail was around an hours walk. Our shoes had become extremely muddy half way through Watts woods. By the time we had reached Monks Wood, there was only a little longer for the trail. We learnt a lot of information such as it is home of 100 oak trees for Lincoln Cathedral roof timbers in centuries to come. Once completed, we headed back for another 15 minute walk back to the barn. We went straight to the outside tap and washed our shoes there as we couldn’t bring them in the barn and ruin the floor. We washed them and left them to dry. As it was only around 3 o’clock when we returned, it was a good opportunity for us to change into our swim wear and get straight into the steaming hot jacuzzi. The trail had made everyone cold and so the relaxation and warmth was needed. We listened to music and relaxed in there for about an hour. The feeling was incredible! The heat made us forget about the cold and allowed us to relax completely. By 4 o’clock everyone one by one went to shower and got changed into their comfy pyjamas. Once everyone had refreshed themselves, we got the dads to hide 36 Easter Eggs around the house. Since they were not allowed to hide any in the rooms, we all stayed in one of the bedroom downstairs while they hid them in the landing, kitchen and living room. They did a pretty good job as it took us an whole hour to find all 36 eggs. It was a lot of fun as everyone was screaming, rushing and shouting. By the end, everyone was hot from running but had had an enjoyable time. The last egg must have taken a good 10 minutes to find as it was kept under the carpet on the stairs. To find this egg we needed clues and finally my mum got the egg! Sadly, I lost the Easter Egg hunt and managed to get only 3 out of the 36 eggs and one of them I stole from my mum so technically I only managed to find 2! However, it was about the fun! Before the hunt the mums were preparing Mac & Cheese and curly fries. After the hour of excitement everyone settled down ready for dinner. By this time everyone had become hungry from the running. We ended the night with lighting the fire place and making the barn warm and comfortable. Gathered on the couch for the last time on the holiday we watched the last movie and finished all the ice-cream. Since it had been a long day by 11 o’clock everyone had tucked into bed ready to return home in the morning.

Day 3

On Easter Monday, we woke up early as we had to checkout by 10am. We quickly had breakfast and by the time we had packed the kitchen and our rooms, the cleaners had come and it was already 10! We packed the cars up and gave Tom our thank you card and bottle of wine as we were grateful for the wonderful stay. By 10:15, we did our last checks to ensure we didn’t forget anything and said our goodbyes to the barn.

The stay in Holly Tree Barn was incredible and the best place we have stayed in so far. This Easter Weekend will definitely not be forgotten and we will be returning back in the summer when the weather is hot so we can enjoy the outside more as well as the inside.