DAY 1: 21.08.16

Flew to Dubai International Airport and landed at 8:30am and grabbed a taxi to take us to our stay. The stay at Habtoor Grand Resort was absolutely fab and gorgeous. They offered lovely shots of juices and chocolate pops. As we had arrived at the hotel earlier than check in times we had to laze around. All of us went to explore the hotel and ended up at the beach where we already tanned within a few minutes (yay us).

After a long 24 hours, everyone dressed up ready for dinner. To get to the restaurant was a mission. It felt like we had walked for hours until we found am Italian restaurant. The margarita pizza were v nice though! The night ended rapidly as everyone was shattered and ready to hop in the bed ASAP.

DAY 2: 22.08.16

Of course the holiday has to start with an excursion. The water park – Aquaventure! The rides were incredible. At the Tower of Neptune we went on the following: Leap of Faith, Shark Attack however there were no sharks :\ and The Water Coasters.

The next tower; Tower of Poseidon was a bit more eventful! Firstly, sadly Aqauconda was under maintenance and so that was closed for the day. Then Poseidon’s Revenge where my cousin and I got stuck as we were not heavy enough! OH NO! Luckily, just above us was a small gap where we got rescued by a lifeguard. Zoomerango was sooo good while Slytherin some of us had to use our sandals to help us move! LOL. Heading back to the exit was too far from the Tower of Poseidon and so obviously we used the lazy river as a way to get back to the exit.

As we were already at the Atlantis we went to the Lost Chamders and gazed at all the different species of fish. We even got to grab a quick look on how they feed the fishes.

DAY 3: 23.08.16

Today was a relaxing by the pool kinda day. We did some sunbathing, aqua aerobics and tanning. At around 6 we headed to Emirates Mall. Big and fancy! We didn’t really do much except window shop. Returning back to the hotel, the first thing we did was buy ice cream. Because the weather outside had us melting! It was a chill but calm day.

DAY 4: 24.08.16

Breakfast was at 9 am today and the rest of the morning was relaxation. Late morning began by decking ourselves up to go to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. The first thing we did as we arrived was head straight to the umbrellas because not going to them and taking a photo is definitely a crime and must be done! Took some  family photos before walking around the mall buying a few bits and bobs along the way. For lunch we had packed sandwiches which were made by our mothers from breakie. (definitely an Indian thing to do!) Not going to lie my stomach didn’t enjoy that as I did get sick after 🙁

We went through security before going through to the Burj Khalifa. To get to the lift was a lot of walking however there was many things to read about on the way like how long it took to build the Burj Khalifa. The squad entered the lift and took many selfies in the 60 second lift ride. That 60 seconds took us all the way to the 124th floor. Our ears all popping due to the fast change in altitude. We got to spend an hour up there and so of course the standard family photos were taken. We had picked the right time because the view couldn’t get any better! Looking down was absolutely scary but magnificent. You could see most of the city and admire just how wonderful it is. The sunset was beautiful from the view. It is an experience to definitely go see! While waiting for the lift to go down we watched the  water fountain show from above. It looked fab! And in 60 seconds we were back down and went to see the show of the fountains. It was magical. Music playing in the background while the fountain was dancing away. For dinner we ate pizza, burrito and Chinese!

DAY 5: 25.08.16

Another day of pool time! Aqua aerobics and hot tub along with the relaxing day. The afternoon was for Desert Safari time! Whoop Whoop! The kids were in one car with music blasting while the parents in the other. The dune ride was awesome and the teens loveddd it however my sister had her eyes shut most of the time as she was super scared. The dunes were beautiful and once again we took loads & loads of photos. We rode on some camels and watched the sunset. There was a show with belly dancers and other entertainment.

DAY 6: 26.08.16

Once again more shopping! Can you ever have enough? The day started slightly later and had breakie later. We went to Medina Souk and bought some souvenirs – teddy bear :).

Outside Medina Souk is the famous Burj Al Arab. We went outside and it was toooo hot and we were all dripping in sweat. Yuck. Of course we captured photos! Once we returned to the hotel we jumped straight in the pool and played volleyball, piggiebacks on each other and piggy in the middle.

The walk to dinner was supposedly down the road however we wanted to see the marina and so it turned into an hours walk. Everyone was STARVING. We quickly ordered and had to distract ourselves from the hunger!

DAY 7: 27.08.16

Today we were off to the Gold Souk and Meena Bazaar. The Gold Souk was something else. There was a gold free, gold shoes, huge gold necklace and the world’s largest gold ring! By boat we travelled to Meena Bazaar were we explored for a bit.

Around 4 we reached the hotel and had an night swim. We ordered a cheeky dominoes for dinner!

DAY 8: 28.08.16

Today all we did was swim in the infinity pool, sunbathe, swim in the sea & watch the sunset!

DAY 9: 29.08.16

During the day we were back in the pool. In the evening we went for a yacht trip to end the wonderful holiday. The skyline was very pretty at night. The yacht trip was for an hour and was nice & relaxing. Thereafter, we walked for half and hour to dinner. Hot, hungry, tired & stressful!


DAY 10: 30.08.16

Sadly, all holidays comes to an end! Today was that day. Dubai was amazing! Till next time 🙂