Incase you missed my previous blog let me recap the dinner situation… We had just finished having a fab time at the Belowzero Ice Bar and it was time for dinner. As we strolled around Regent Street, we came across a wonderful Indian cuisine cafe called Dishoom however the wait was 1 & half hours long! We wondered around the area to kill time before returning back and waiting more. After a lonnnnggg wait, the pager finally buzzed and a sudden screaming joy followed. We were fascinated at how packed it was. A massive cafe with amazing deco of fusion between the Indian and Persian culture. We were sat in a corner with fresh, green plants surrounding us and with a beautiful rustic wooden texture covering parts of walls. A VERY cosy and comfortable setting. As we sat, the waiter explained the menu to us. Every dish was mouth watering…more so after hour and half wait!

Famished & went crazy with the order…


The Chilli Cheese Toast and Okra Fries were preferably my favourite! The naan freshly made just as it would be made in India, and the “dark, rich, deeply flavoured” daal which had been made over a whole 24 hour period to bring the flavour of the most famous Indian dish.

Off to the next experience – Amorino. A small shop with a queue flowing out on the streets. A famous desert place it turns out. We ordered mix flavours of geleto and sat outside watching the craziness of London night life buzzing with bars & clubs. London truly comes to life late in the evenings.