Since the weather has been rainy the past few days I decided to reminisce back to the Early May Bank Holiday!

It was a beautiful 3 day weekend with the weather reaching an incredible 29 degrees! (something new for the UK) So what does one do? The pretty obvious – barbecues and picnics!

And so on the Saturday evening after a long day of homework and revision, my family and I decided to have a small barbecue. From Garlic Bread to Vegetables being cooked on barbecue skewers. We sat outside while having the barbecue and took in the beautiful warmth that we had finally received. It was a lovely Saturday evening!

Another beautiful day and whilst it lasts, another getaway to enjoy the sunny day. So, we headed to the well known Hindu Temple called Bhaktivedanta Manor – Hare Krishna Temple.

A perfect place to sit back and chillax in the beautiful landscapes of the temple.